“And they were victorious by the blood of The Lamb and by the word of his testimony…” Revelation 12:11


Our Vision

From the Ruins is a ministry founded on God’s Holy Word and specializes in helping to restore hope to the broken-hearted, just as God did for us when He sent his Son to the cross to die in our place. The earth was shattered that day, yet God restored and rebuilt His kingdom in three days when Jesus resurrected from the dead. This earthly life is full of destruction; it is all around us. However, by God’s grace, we can still find hope among the ruins. Our desire is for you to find God, even in the emptiest of places and to run towards Him when things don’t make sense. Only God can bring peace to the most painful journey. He has a way of sifting through the ruins on our behalf, and He, alone, holds the power to raise the broken pieces of life and put them back together anew.

Our Story

When we lost our first-born son, in 2013, we didn’t know where to turn. We had to dig deep into the scriptures to make sense of what happened and to know where to go from there. There were not a lot of resources for Christians dealing with loss, so we truly had no other place to go but into His presence. Looking back, I see that His hand was upon us the entire time. He never let go. He birthed the vision for this ministry in our hearts about a year after our son went home to be with Him. We decided to wait on the Lord and His timing, for His timing is perfect. As we waited on Him, He caused our hearts to grow bigger. We became more and more hungry for Him and His compassion and love for hurting people grew bigger and bigger on the inside of us.

Our Mission

From the Ruins is a ministry that longs for God to be glorified in, through, and by it. Tragedy touches all people in one form or another. We want to help provide comfort, hope, healing to those who are hurting by means of encouragement in the Word, meeting basic needs, and spiritual exhortation.

What We Do

We help families to process and overcome grief. We believe in helping tangibly. Instead of uttering empty words, we believe that love in action is the most impactful. Grocery gift cards, help with funeral expenses, buying grieving children Christmas presents, and holding grief support groups are just some of the things our ministry has done for others. Our greatest desire is to open a retreat center for all types of people to come and be restored.

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