God is love. Love endures long and is patient and kind…it does not display itself haughtily, it’s not vainglorious. Those are just a few of the characteristics of My Heavenly Father, characteristics that I, myself, am capable of possessing because my Father has said I can. 

To endure literally means to put up with or to suffer through. Jesus has done that for us… He actually asked the Lord in regards to his disciples ‘How long must I put up with them?’ I can relate to Jesus, as I know we all can, since we don’t have a high priest that can’t relate to us, but One who has ENDURED all things, yet passed every test. Sometimes people are a challenge. But it’s all good.

Jesus didn’t just talk about love. He lived it, and in living it, He died for us. All of us have a choice. We can chose to walk around this life frustrated, or we can love—we can endure, and we can endure well! I choose love—all day, every day. And if I forget sometime, I know that my God is faithful to lead me back to Him with grace and mercy. LOVE is Amazing- Love is GOD!

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