A Sister's Story

It was a Saturday afternoon, when Christiano called me outside to join him and my other brothers in game of football. When I walked out the door I felt a rush of cool air hit my face. It was October. The weather still warm enough to be outside without a jacket, but there was a bitterness in the air.   When I looked over to see Christiano, I immediately noticed his bright eyes, like the color of the sky on a cloudless day. He was extremely tall and lanky, so tall that his shorts barley reached his knees. His t-shirt fit so awkwardly because he was didn’t weigh enough to fill-in his large body.

I walked out into the rocky street, where my three brothers and the neighborhood kids were waiting for me. They were ready to play and the game started. I am probably the least sporty kid ever, but when it comes to football, I like to pretend I’m a pro, and I get a little aggressive.  As the game started my brother tossed me the ball. I ran through the street pushing all the boys around me. I’m pretty sure I was cheating, but they let me get away with it. At the start of every play, Christiano would throw me the ball, all the other people playing were yelling that it was unfair. After awhile of playing outside, we were all tired and ready to come inside.  Finally, we opened the door to the house, all of us breathing heavily and searching for food. Christiano literally ate everything in his reach. Although he ate everything he could find, he still was so skinny that he barely filled out his clothes. As we were eating our food, he told my parents I was a beast. I doubt it seriously. He was definitely lying, but he’s so encouraging and he sure made me feel like a beast. Christiano inspires me to be more encouraging. This story is just one example of how he was  the greatest motivator in my life. He always supported me no matter what. I miss having him in my life to encourage me to try my hardest in any aspect of my life. He impacted my life in so many ways, and I am so thankful for the 15 years I got to have with him. I am especially thankful for the last day I spent with him playing football outside.  These two have been best friends since day one. Gabriella has sustained such a humongous loss, and has maintained her joyful heart through all of her pain. She has been a bright light and a breath of fresh air for our family. I’m more than grateful for this precious daughter, and I thank God for her. 

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