Are You an Encourager? You’re Called to Be!

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” I am so grateful for friends who do this. Last night we had company and, as always, had some great laughs and fun times. We were all just enjoying one another, eating, watching the game, sharing our lives with one another. Not even thinking, I just started singing a verse to a song, when my friend looks at me and says ‘I just love being here, you guys are always singing, I love it.’ I looked at her kind of puzzled and said ‘Really?’ I guess I hadn’t noticed. HAHA. I mean we do sing allll the time, but I didn’t realize that we did it in front of our company or that it impacted anyone. It was so encouraging to know that our joy is outpouring without even a thought. God is so good to us, and we can’t help but sing His praise! I want to thank my friend…you know who you are… if you hadn’t said that I wouldn’t have known it blessed you. This encouraged me greatly. God has called all of us to encourage one another. I know, personally, I LIVE for encouraging people! It makes me so happy to make others feel good. I can’t imagine keeping it all in and never sharing it with the person I’m thinking it about. It seems like such a waste.  Sadly, I see it happen quite frequently. It stems from insecurity or fear that if you edify someone else, you might not be edified. That’s a lie from the devil. To build someone up will build you up! It will feel so good! It will, more importantly, edify Christ since He is responsible for any of the good in any of us, anyways! Don’t let any more time pass without telling people the good you see in them. It will change your life!

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