Choosing Praise & Giving Thanks

Turkey is in the oven, the boys are at the Townie Football Game, and my girl is getting herself ready for the day. Worship has been on all morning, and I’m choosing to praise today. Through tears, through pain, through questions, and through unwanted feelings, I will give thanks to my God. His grace has carried me through the deepest of waters and kept me from drowning. An only good God, who is holy and righteous,  has joined me in the darkest of valleys and the murkiest of pits. He stays as long as I need Him, for He will never ever leave me or forsake me. In this moment, I choose to be thankful for what I do have…

-I’m thankful for the grace and mercy of my God. His compassions never ever fail me.

-I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus, who gave His life so that I can live. 

-I’m thankful that because of that great sacrifice I will not only see my boy again, but I will be with him forever.

-I’m thankful for my husband who has carried me through the fire and held me in the storm. He has shown me that unconditional love can exist when you have The Lord to show you. 

-I’m thankful for the eighteen years I spent with my first born, Christiano,  for all of the joy he brought to my life, and for teaching me so much.

-I’m thankful for my daughter, Gabriella. She has shown me how to be strong and compassionate at the same time. She is a defender of what is right and makes me want to be better in every way. 

-I’m thankful for my son, Brian. He is a true worshiper and his heart for The Lord, and for people, blesses me everyday. He is strong and faithful to stand up for the truth, and I marvel at his courage.

-I’m thankful for my youngest child, Natey boy. He is funny, sweet, and he loves with his whole being. He is always the one to check up on me and ask if I’m ok, and he melts my heart. 

-I’m thankful for friends and family and the friends who are like family. We could not do this without you, all. God has sent some of you at just the right time, all the way from Florida to across the street and many places in between. We are forever grateful. 

-I’m thankful for my Pastors, Joseph and Jennifer Bosco, and their amazing children. You have been a light for our family in the darkest times. You stayed with us and prayed with us beyond what we ever expected. You’ve shown us the love of God, and you’ve been constant. We love you guys. Barboscos for life. 

-I’m thankful for our church family, old and new. We have found some of our best friends in both of these places. We love you, all. Though we are many, we are one body.

-I know I thanked my family, but I have to say a special thanks to my brother Shane and his wife, Jessica, who will be joining us today. We love you, both, and we are thankful for your unfailing commitment to our family. 

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