Finding Beauty in the Mess

Finding Beauty in the Mess

It’s not an easy thing to find beauty in the messy places. Whether it’s in the little things, like changing back to back diapers, scrubbing the grime off of the bathtub, or doing dishes for days, or in the much bigger messes like loss, divorce, illness or financial strain.

Life can literally be turned upside down in a matter of seconds, yet restoration can take a lifetime. Why is that? I believe it’s because God is beckoning us to find the beauty - even in the messiest places. It’s almost as if there are little hints of His grace and mercy in every hidden place, a glimpse of His light shining through in the darkest moments.

Sometimes the beauty can be found right away, but sometimes we have to to be patient… Sometimes we aren’t quite ready to see it, but it’s always there. When my son first passed away, I was desperate for a dream of him. I would plead and beg God to give me one. It was moths before I had my first. Sometimes, we just aren't ready for what we think we are ready for.

Thinking back to a time before my life was turned upside down, I remember saying these words to my husband about our son “all he does is eat, sleep, and play video games.” The teen years are tough, and the struggle was REAL, But...

What I would give to have him here doing those things now. To be here doing all the things that drove me crazy.

Grief is a funny thing. It breaks you, and it changes you. For better or worse, the choice is yours.

For me, it’s done both. But, as I press into God, He’s remaking me into a beautiful mess.

You, too, are beautiful. Even in your mess. Even in your darkest moments. When you feel like you have nothing left to give. There is still beauty to found. Maybe you are just looking in the wrong places. Stop looking to find it in the mirror or in the eyes of those around you. Look to your creator and look within. I promise. There’s beauty to be found - even in your mess. #beauty #beautyinthemess #fromtheruins #beautyfromashes #innerbeauty #findthebeauty #blog #loss #grief

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