It Is Well

‘It is well with my soul.’

True words, but so difficult to speak.  Missing my son more and more with each passing moment; even with the knowing that there will be a day that I will meet  him face to face, and all my pain will disappear. How we all long for a day with no more suffering; no more struggle. So, how can we speak those challenging words? How can we say that it is well?

 All of us have been through something to make us question. This earth life is rocky. We fall and get hurt, and we get pushed down more times than we can count. Life can knock the wind right out of us and strip us of every material covering we’ve ever known.

But, we do have a hope and we do have a future. Somewhere, deep within we sense the outcome – in the very roots of our heart and the complex strands of our DNA. We were made to believe in the God who loves, heals, delivers, and saves us. So, our heart cannot help but go back to Him. Those of us who are running can only run for so long, until we become captured. He won’t ever give up on His pursuit of us. He won’t relent. His capture is more like a rescue that frees us from the bondage of death. One day, death will die and it will lose its grip on God’s children forever. And, it is for that reason alone that I can say, ‘it is well with my soul.’ Because as real as our pain is, it will all end one day. But, His love won’t end – His love never will. This is how the weak can say, ‘I am strong,’ the blind can say, ‘Now, I see,’ and the poor can say, ‘I am rich.’ This is how I can say, ‘it is well.’

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