Jesus, I’m With You.

Why do we think we have so much power to do things on our own? I cannot do anything apart from Christ. If you only knew how many little journeys I’ve begun to change this about me, or change that about me, you’d have lots of trouble keeping up. What a revelation it was to realize this truth, that apart from Him I can do nothing. I can have the best intentions in the world, but without Christ it is impossible to make any progress…Faith and works go TOGETHER. We must have faith in the One who has rescued us if we want to make any progress here on this earth. ‘I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength!’ Not through, myself, not through my husband, not through my pastor, but through Christ alone. For a long time, I didn’t understand the true meaning of that scripture. I thought, ‘Ok. If I pray and I love Jesus, and I want to do good, it’ll happen.’ But that’s not it. It is abiding in Him, being intimate with Him, knowing Who He is and Who He has called me to be. He has equipped me for every good work, to do all things according to His purpose for my life, and it’s not a feeling, it is a knowing. It is a hope that’s unwavering. It’s just doing it—being it—acting it—all of that. Will we fall short? Sure, we will, but ONLY when we take our eyes of of Him! So keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! He is not only the author of our faith, but the PERFECTER of it, too!!

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