Lord, You Have my Heart.

So, yesterday I was answering phones for WSTL’s Day of Prayer, when I got a call that touched my heart unimaginably. I got a call from an elderly woman who had lost her husband to cancer two years ago. Her prayer was that Jesus would help her not to feel so lonely. She told me she had never ever heard of WSTL before and yesterday was her first time ever tuning in. I told her that God loved her so much that He sent that radio station and day of prayer just for her. I prayed with this woman that God would be her comforter and her counselor, her constant companion and friend, and she received it. I could FEEL her receive it. I maintained my ‘peppy’ tone and told her I was so glad that we got to pray together and that God loved her so much! But, when I hung up, the strength I was able to maintain over the phone line just crumbled. To my surprise, I immediately began to sob. I felt so much for this lady. Within minutes I had grown to love and care deeply for this woman and it was very hard for me to leave her. But I know that I left her in the best possible place, right into the arms of Jesus. I’m so thankful for all the times He has wrapped ME in those very same arms. All the times I was lonely or hurt or afraid, He just held me. More than it pained me to hang up the phone and leave that lady, it pains Him to leave us. So much so that He sent His son to die for you and for me. So much that no matter what condition we are in, He will never leave us or forsake us. It crushes Him when pull our heart or our mind away from Him…for sin, for friends, for earthly love, for status, for fun.. Whatever it is. All that lady wanted was Jesus, and He’s all I want, too. I want His heart, His compassion, His desires, His plan, His purpose, His discipline, His wisdom, His everything. And He has already said it’s all mine—He hold nothing back, and I lack for NO good thing. Thank you, Jesus for me and for that lady, you know her, she is your daughter, and so am I.

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